Getting around South America

October 27, 2014

Getting around South America

טיול מאורגן לגאורגיה


South America covers a huge expanse of land, about twice as large
as the United States.  Brazil alone is nearly the size of the U.S.  With so much land to cover, it’s imperative to know the best way to see the country,
especially if you have limited time on your vacation.  Though Latin America
can’t compare to the U.S. or even Western and Central Europe when it comes to
modes of transportation, it does have its fair share of adequate transportation
options.  Here’s a description of the basic modes of transportation in South America.



Since the distances are so
great, airline travel is a common form of transportation between different
countries within the continent.  In order to make air travel more convenient
and affordable, you can purchase an airpass from one of three different plans. 
The Mercosur Airpass entitles you to fly within and between Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.  Your flight destinations must include at
least two different countries and you must be staying in the country for at
least seven days.  The only catch is that you must have an international
airline ticket in your possession. 


Purchasing a South America
Airpass is your second option.  With this airpass, you can travel to up to 49 different
destinations within the continent, as long as you travel to at least three
different locations.  Unlike the Mercosur Airpass which limits your travel time
to only 45 days, the South America Airpass is good for up to one year. 


A third option is to purchase
One World’s Visit South America Pass.  This pass flies to 10 different
countries within the continent, which includes 34 destinations.  The pass is
good for up to two months, and you’re required to fly to at least three
different locations.  You can only purchase this airpass outside of South America. 



Busses are a very common mode
of transportation on the continent.  For the most part, busses are
well-maintained and air-conditioned, and some even offer amenities such as
restrooms, reclining seats and blankets.  The nicest busses happen to be in Argentina, although Chile and Brazil both have decent busses.  Just keep in mind when
you’re traveling by bus that some destinations might take up to 18 hours or so
to reach. 

Florina – For Your Welfare and Wellbeing

October 11, 2014

Florina – For Your Welfare
and Wellbeing

טיול מאורגן לגאורגיה


Travel to northeast Greece and in the region of western Macedonia you’ll find one of the most beautiful places
on earth.  It’s best known as Florina, but to visitors it’s nothing short of a
vacationer’s dream.  Boasting impressive mountains, stunning lakes, the most
modern ski center in the continent, unrivaled gourmet cuisine and a bounty of
cultural activities, it’s no surprise it attracts more and more tourists every


Florina is also becoming the
ideal destination for agro-tourism.  Prespa National Park is one of its more
popular attributes with close to 12,000 acres of breathtaking lands.  Looking
to escape the stress of the outside world?  You’ll find refuge in the seclusion
of lakes and meadows that ornament the park.  And situated in its center you’ll
encounter the islet of Ayios Akhilios, dotted with Byzantine remains, a rugged
coastline and caves that display amazing paintings.  If you continue along the
narrow roads, you’ll arrive in Megali Prespa where you can enjoy fresh caught
fish at any of the tavernas. 


To relax and get rid of jet
lag, the Spa of Xino Nero is a must.  Its staff of therapists and health
professionals specialize in a wide range of treatments designed to provide
perfect balance.  They’re also credited with healing digestive and intestinal
problems, stomach and kidney complaints. 


When it’s time for fun, the
locals head out to Grevena.  It’s home to a fabulous concert hall and theater
where you can spend the evening delighting with a play, or watching a
traditional Greek folkloric performance.  And fret not.  There are plenty of
restaurants, tavernas, cafes, nightclubs and bars which open until early hours
of the morning.


Thrill seekers will not be
disappointed with Florina.  A destination that offers unrivaled skiing will not
fall short in adventurous pursuits.  From climbing steep mountains to 4×4
explorations, the excitement never ends. 


And be sure to indulge in the
excellent wines from Amyntaio, the delicious fish that’s found in the lakes and
locally grown specialties like the beans from Varikos.  See the Byzantine
monuments of Prespes, the bronze exhibits of the Museum of Nymfaio and the pre-historic discoveries at the Florina Archaeological Museum.


Florina is an experience for
the senses; a must for world travelers.     


A Central American Haven for Pleasure Seekers

October 2, 2014

A Central American Haven
for Pleasure Seekers


These days it seems everyone
is looking for a perfect vacation spot that won’t break the bank.  And when
they find out about Roatan, one of Honduras’ Bay Islands, there’s no hesitation
about visiting.  Blessed with stunning beaches, unrivaled nightlife and the
beauty of the Caribbean’s waters, it has become the top choice in tropical


Roatan offers a multitude of
opportunities for true relaxation.  It also features a plethora of cultural
activities to entertain those who are passionate about history, archaeology and
art.  You can indeed say that there’s no limit to the pleasures afforded by
this unique location. 


If your idea of fun includes
outdoor pursuits, Roatan not only boasts the finest scuba diving and snorkeling
in the continent.  It also allows tourists the chance to go kayaking or to reel
in a large catch while on a fishing excursion.  You can marvel in the richness
of the water’s depths while on a glass bottom boat, explore the sites on
horseback, play a round of golf or rest and do nothing at all. 


With the wealth of traditions
left by native tribes, the influx of British, Spanish and African settlers, the
diversity of the island’s people is played out in its superb art, stupendous
gastronomy and regional charm.  So browse through interesting museums and
sample the wonderful cuisine.  Do savor the fresh fish and lobster that abound,
but don’t forget the authentic specialties like conch fritters or coconut


Plan for your trip to Roatan
any time of the year as it enjoys a consistent warm climate.  But be aware of
the rains which occur in October through February, or June and July.  Depending
on your budget, opt for one of the luxury resorts, or set your sight on a
well-equipped campground. 


While in Roatan, take time to
discover Coxen Hole.  It’s the biggest of its cities and the home to a boat
marina and small airport.  Visit the Institute of Marine Sciences, the Marine
Reserve, and Carambola Gardens in Sandy Bay.  Witness the largest iguana
conservation center in the French Harbor.  Or learn of the Garifuna traditions
when in Punta Gorda.  And leave ample time to purchase handicrafts and


No matter what you wish for,
Roatan is a haven of delights.